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Sherri Hill

Short dress rental from Sherri Hill

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Short description

Elegant and flirty dress for rent from the fashion house Sherri Hill. A dress from which it is impossible to look away, thought out from the first line to the last bead. The powdery fabric plays with silvery sparks, shimmering from the incredible beauty of the glass beads, small beads and rhinestones, with which every centimeter of the dress is painstakingly decorated by hand. The embroidered patterns on the top resemble the weightless feathers of a strange bird. The beautifully open cleavage area leaves a shimmer of silvery "pebbles" on itself. The belt of the dress is studded with tightly planted beads, emphasizing the tenderness of the pattern of the top and the female waist. The open back in the V-neck does not give rest to those who have not yet had time to meet the eyes of a beautiful coquette. A narrow mini skirt does not interfere with movement, calmly covering women's legs only to the middle of the thigh, and the bugle, descending "steps" from the waist and just below the main hem, sways seductively with each step, paying attention and enthusiastic glances at the owner of the dress. Do not deny yourself to be a little more frank and flirtatious, in such a dress for rent you will definitely become the most charming guest, wherever it adorns you