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Sherri Hill

Sherri Hill Short Dress Rental

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Short description

Stylish and incredibly beautiful dress for rent from the famous fashion house Sherri Hill. A restrained mini that emphasizes femininity and sexuality - are these features of the female half so appreciated and loved by men? The dress is made of stunningly light and silky chiffon, thanks to which the mini-skirt is so airy, which gives even more beauty to the "sun-flare" cut. The uniqueness of the dress is in its top, which is all embroidered with patterns of beads and rhinestones with jewelry cut, which provide the top with incredible shine and radiance. The neckline on the top is cut with a "boat" that is relevant and always so elegant. Dense "cups" of the bodice effectively support a beautiful female breast, emphasizing all its beauty. The back of the dress is in the shape of an inverted letter "A", frank and attractive. The iridescent and incomparable pearl-gray color of the dress resembles a complex and unusual shade and, therefore, so desirable, gray pearls, where light iridescences of color seem to envelop and intoxicate with their playfulness. Style, lightness and beauty are sewn into every stitch in a stunning dress for rent, see for yourself