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Sherri Hill

Sherri Hill Short Dress Rental

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Stylish cocktail dress for rent from the fashion house Sherri Hill. Amazing in its originality, at the same time looking like a finely selected ensemble: top + skirt, and a single dress, where the top is harmonious with the bottom, which complement each other with bright colors, grace and style. "If you wear a short skirt, you regain your femininity" - Khider Milas. The top of the dress is saturated with colors: muted emerald, light green, rich cherry, light powdery. And the whole bottom is executed in one spotless white color. The top is embroidered in surprisingly attractive geometric patterns consisting of different shapes and sizes of rhinestones that sparkle and shimmer with every, even the most fleeting, ray of light. A thin female neck is always covered with a fashionable stand-up collar, which is lined with the same shimmering rhinestones-gems. At the waist there is a belt, elaborately hand-embroidered with rhinestones. The restrained front top conceals a flirtatious surprise: a half-naked back, revealing silky female skin. The flared sun mini skirt perfectly emphasizes a narrow waist and undeniably beautiful female legs. Delicate lace runs along the upper fabric of the skirt. If you are flirtatious and infinitely charming - a magical and stylish dress for rent is waiting for you