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Sherri Hill

Evening dress rental from Sherri Hill

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Stylish, seductive, bright, pretentious - in a word, an unforgettable evening dress for rent from the unsurpassed Sherri Hill. The malachite color of the dress for rent, like a magic potion, drives you crazy at first sight. The skirt, which calmly descends to the floor in A silhouette, turning into a light train, is draped in narrow tails, which, thanks to the thinnest fabric, keep the corrugation, excluding creases and unnecessary arrows on the fabric. At the step, a woman's leg is exposed just above the knee, which looks very flirtatious and adds charm. A thin satin ribbon belt elegantly accentuates the narrow waist. Due to the fabric of the flesh-colored top, which is hand-embroidered with embroidery of extraordinary beauty from rhinestones and sequins, a feeling of absence of fabric is created, as if iridescent rhinestones and shimmering sequins are artfully embroidered on the velvety skin of an attractive female body. The cutout on the top is executed by a classic "boat", along the edges of which, like a necklace of precious emeralds, rhinestones are laid out, passing to the edges of the cutout, resembling a round "window", exposing the back. "In a green dress, you look so much like summer" - and, as you know, it is always long-awaited, unforgettable and stunningly bright