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Sherri Hill

Evening dress rental from Sherri Hill

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A stunningly delicate dress for rent from the fashion house Sherri Hill. The evening dress for rent of the classic silhouette of the "princess" of powdery color with a soft pink shade has gained popularity on red carpets. The lush, multi-layered skirt is made of weightless mesh and silky satin - the two fabrics complement each other, giving the skirt airiness and volume. The skirt from the emphasized narrow waist, diverging to the floor in splendor, and from behind, passing into a small train, gives the dress magic. The top of the dress tightly fits the figure, emphasizing all the attractiveness and sex appeal of the female neckline. The "cups" of the bodice create a feeling of volume, thanks to the fabric, which, as if with wide ribbons, wraps around a fragile, feminine figure. Open back, arms, neck - what could be more attractive? The fabric on the top, which is cut "a la corset", is draped with identical pinches. An unmistakable favorite in terms of brightness and originality in the dress are pseudo-sleeves, hand-assembled from crystals shining like small stars. Whatever evening you would not be invited to, your beauty with an elegant cut in the form of a dress will gather a collection of compliments and enthusiastic glances