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Sherri Hill

Evening dress rental from Sherri Hill

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Evening dress for rent from an unsurpassed master - Sherri Hill. The color of the dress is exceptional: either ripe cherry, or young and intoxicating wine from the vineyard of the French lands. A-line dress for rent has always been distinguished by the sophistication and femininity of the image. The soft lines of the cut allow the fabric to unobtrusively repeat the seductive curves of the owner's figure. Thanks to the fabric, the dress is flawless. The top of the dress reveals all the beauty of the female decollete, the dense "cups" of the bodice skillfully emphasize the shapes. The deep neckline between the "cups" is delicately played with a slightly noticeable soft body mesh. The V-neck on the back delicately demonstrates the beauty of a fragile female back. The shoulders, turning into slightly descending sleeves, are completely decorated with a scattering of small flowers on women's shoulders. The belt of the dress is embroidered in the same manner, which allows us to consider the image complete and completely self-sufficient. Classic silhouette, delicate flowers and luxury - this dress lacks only the most important thing - you