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Sherri Hill

Evening dress rental from Sherri Hill

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An unusually delicate and royally sophisticated evening dress for rent from the famous fashion house Sherri Hill. The dress is made of the finest mesh and silk, holding the shape of satin. The fluffy skirt is so weightless and light that every step in it will "lift" you off the floor, as if you are floating, which will definitely complement the image with magic. The skirt of the dress is decorated with shimmering rhinestones. The top of the dress, hand-embroidered with rhinestones, attracts attention and attracts the eyes again and again. The small sleeves of the top intriguingly descend from the shoulders, decorated with thin straps, as if assembled by a skilled jeweler on small links. The generously exposed back of the V-neck shows all the beauty and sexuality of the female figure. The warm pearl-ash color of the dress caresses the eye and fogs the mind, sending it into a fairy tale