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Terani Couture

Evening dress rental from Terani Couture

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An exquisite evening dress for rent from the unsurpassed Terani Couture. "There must be some mystery in a woman." Mystery always attracts, so many vivid fantasies are played out in my head at once. Apparently that's why the open female leg is so enticing and fascinating, which just appeared in a deep cut and has already disappeared behind the flowing fabric of the wet silk of a fluffy skirt. But there is not much mystery in a woman, as in the elegant top of a chic evening dress: a tightening, but at the same time, comfortable corset emphasizes the sexy forms of the female body, hiding under the thinnest upper fabric, hand-embroidered with rhinestones and beads, which, flying across a thin canvas with a pattern with clear lines and smooth waves, decorate delicate hands, beautiful breasts, a seductive collarbone, a straight back and a narrow waist of a beauty. The color of smoky quartz envelops, and the sparks from rhinestones and beads fascinate. "There must be some mystery in a woman," and a woman's dress should emphasize her sex appeal and complement her languid attractiveness